Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not good at this blooging lark

Promises,promises, I write a diary at work every day but just can`t manage to do it here...I`m getting a little excited as I`m off to Ally Pally (alexandra palace) on Sunday for the Rubber stamping and scrapbooking show meeting up with friends so lots of chat and spending on stuff I don`t really need but just have to have...
We are off on holiday at the end of October and I can`t wait really looking forward to going to Pompei again its really magical.
Still trying to decide what to do for our 25th wedding anniversary next April, think we might go back to euro disney for a few days then on to Paris as I love Paris...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 promise to post more often

hasn`t worked and it`s been neerly two months since I last posted...what have I been up too well not a lot you see I had a little accident and tripped over and my hand went through a window so I ended up with four stitches in my finger and two on my palm... it`s the first time I`ve had stitches and I was amazed at how it wasn`t that painful...

I haven`t done much crafting because of this so I hope that tomorrow I might be able to as its getting much better.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How time has flown

I can`t believe I haven`t been here since August last bad is that.
I`m going to try and keep more up to date (with fingers crossed) I`m sure that once I`ve got my craft room sorted I`ll be able to be more organised as the computer is going to be moving in too, not sure if that`s a good idea really as I like to browse too much, but I might get to use my silhouette cutter as it`s still sitting in the box....
I`ve a nice cabinet now to fill up...its going to take a while to get organised... its got 32 drawers what a time I`m going to have organising it

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A whole day for crafting !!!

Mmmm I promised myself a whole day of crafting but as I didn`t get out of bed till 9.45 I didn`t really get started till lunchtime, well I had to wake up and catch up on a bit of telly.
I`ve made two cards so far I have to make at least another seven today so they can go in the post tomorrow that`s if the posties aren`t on strike.
Best get off my butt and make another one.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

1st August 2007 a sad day

Well mt beloved tree is no more...the garden looks so bare and open now but it will be a year or more till we can plant there as the root has been poisoned.
On a more positive note Mum and Dad came for the afternoon and stayed for tea, I so miss having them down the road but it was the right decision for them to move.
I`m going to have a crafting day tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday 31st July 2007

Well its the last day of July and its the second day of my week off. What have I been doing well as we are doing our kitchen at the moment the dishwasher has been working over time as everything is covered in dust so as I sort the cupboards its all getting cleaned. Mum and Dad are coming tomorrow so I best get a bit more housework done it will be the first time seeing the almost nearly finished kitchen.
Our lovely eucalyptus tree is being cut down tomorrow as it seems it`s causing damage to next doors house I`ll be pleased when its over as its been a lot of hassle for the last year and a half with insurance companies etc but at the same time I`ll be very sad as its a lovely feature.
Hopefully I`ll get to do some crafting on thursday and friday fingers crossed

Thursday, July 26, 2007

9 Months have past.......

No, I haven`t had a baby...just couldn`t remember my password and had forgotten I`d started this that long ago.
What have I been doing well not riding my motorbike for a start been out on it once this year so far, it`s due an MOT but haven`t bothered yet because the weather has been so bad might get it done next week as I`m at home no work...
Planing to try and get this blog more up to date and keep it going
We will see........